Bam Keith

Brandon Keith Thomas (born September 19, 1993) known by his stage name Bam Keith (formerly BamAnakin) is a music producer from Kansas City, MO.

He produces prolifically as himself, and for other artists in the Kansas music scene, and collaborates with performers such as Gee Watts, Kuttybear and Watsky.

At the moulding age of 8 years old, Bam started his venture on musicianship playing the drum set at a church on Sundays.


Today, Bam plays a multitude of 16 instruments and has a neurological ability called synaesthesia which he uses to write and produce.

Aged 18, Bam was hired by the Grammy’s Museum in L.A to take part in a project run by Bob Santelli (Grammy’s Executive Director), where he was initially picked up as an intern, and then later promoted to Assistant Producer within the Grammy’s Organisation.

This in turn led him to gaining the attention of producers from some of the world's top record labels, and receiving invitations to co-produce upcoming songs in 2019 for multiple award winning and chart-topping international artists. 

Bam currently works as a producer/engineer at 825 Studios in his hometown where he produced, wrote and engineered his first solo project ‘Maybe I Will.’

Bam’s music crosses a wide variety of different styles and genres, but contains themes of intelligent, conscious, and positive lyrics, combined with wisdom, life experience, and eloquent social commentary.