Grouch and his band Grouch In Dub encompasses the audible tales of producer Oscar Allison.


Born and raised in the breath-taking surrounds of Aotearoa New Zealand, the incredible backdrop infused and ignited a passion for dub and ethnic percussion which would later form the basis for his electronic journeys.

Experimenting with electronic music since the late 90’s, testing the waters of Dub, Hip Hop and Drum and Bass before discovering a talent for more Dance orientated productions.


Grouch’s more recent years led him to spend extended periods travelling all around the Globe, travelling for 4 years nonstop which led him to some of his career highlights, performing to crowds in Brazil at festivals such as Universo Paralello, Boom festival in Portugal, Ozora in Hungary, Doof Festival in Israel and countless other shows all across 5 continents of the globe.

This endless expanse of life experiences are all dropped into the melting pot of inspiration where Grouch now experiments with various genres and structures, all of them encompassing an original and unmistakable essence which has seen an amazing reaction from people all around the world, leading him to be one of the most in demand producers on the alternative electronic music scene today.

Oscar Allison releases music both under the name ‘Grouch’ and also with his band ‘Grouch in Dub' who can be found touring the international psychedelic festival circuit.