Lil Maxine


Lil Maxine is a jazz singer, pianist and composer from Vienna, Austria; currently residing in Bristol, UK. 

Lil Maxine performs either solo on grand piano, or as a trio with her band (Callum Gourlay and Dave Hamblett). 


She was recently invited to showcase her material at world renowned multi platinum award winning producer Youth's Space Mountain Studios in Spain, where she was recorded by Beatles, Pink Floyd and Radiohead producer/engineer John Leckie. 


Following her UK live debut with her band at The Hideaway on April 12th, she performed in front of EU politicians and diplomats later on in the year at the residence of the Austrian Ambassador to Spain, in Madrid. 


Her latest material that she has been working on has been recorded in Goa, India, under the guidance of Ninja Tunes record label founder Matt Black from Coldcut, and in collaboration with legendary British ambient electronic act The Egg.  


A Little Girl’s Lovesongs is an impressive, multi-faceted debut album, the title of which should not be taken literally: there is nothing small or girlish about it. Lil Maxine conjures up splendid jazz soundscapes for her voice and celebrates the art of storytelling, not just lyrically but also musically. As a result, the songs take the time and liberty to break away from familiar formats.

Lil Maxine’s velvet and, at the same time, arraigning voice permeates each track and tells timeless stories of love, longing and hope.

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